Wheeling Brewing Company

Wheeling Brewing Company is a micro-brewpub located in Wheeling’s historic Centre Market district in downtown Wheeling, WV.
Founded in 2014, Wheeling Brewing Company was the creation of Chad & Angela Hill, Jimmy Schulte and Dave Cornett to provide something special to the Wheeling market. Wheeling Brewing Company was created out of a passion to lead in the revitalization of downtown Wheeling and to resurrect a rich history of micro-brewing in the area.

Weelunk Blonde Ale Wheeling Brewing Company A refreshingly light-bodied blonde ale. With a hint of fruity aroma and light citrus flavor, the use of honey, and wheat malts, paired with Cascade and Saaz hops provide a pleasant experience throughout. Welcomed to the city named as “The Place of the Skull.” Wheeling Brewing Company
Moon Dog I.P.A. Wheeling Brewing Company A style originally brewed in England with extra hops to help preserve the beer on its long journey to the British Colonies in India, this American-style I.P.A. is hopped with three different West Coast Varieties to give it a bitter profile propped up by several different malts creating a harmony of flavor any craft beer fan will surely enjoy. Wheeling Brewing Company
Nail City Porter Wheeling Brewing Company A substantial, malty dark ale with a complex and toasty character achieved through the use of chocolate, caramel malts, and roasted barley . This is our heaviest and most robust offering and is a great choice for fans of dark chocolate and coffee-based drinks. Brewed in tribute to Wheeling’s famous steel-production industry, this beer is the working man’s best friend. Wheeling Brewing Company