Mountain State Beverage

Pinner Throwback IPA Oskar Blues Brewery Using 6-8 different hops creating a tropical, stone -fruit aroma with hints of pine in this session IPA.  (Colorado) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Blue Dream IPA Oskar Blues A Metamodern IPA of hand selected hops, malt barley and red wheat combine to create a clean malt backbone. (Colorado) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
No 8 Porter Flying Mouse Brewery Dark and moody, this smoky, full-flavored ale has a smooth, chocolate malt flavor without the heaviness of a dark beer.  (Virginia) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Sour Hound Roy Pitz Brewing Company  A sour, red-ale style beer layed with German specialty malts that relinquish cherry walnut, caramel and chocolate aromas, with toasted oak chips and a unique souring process to obtain the refreshing tartness. ( Pennsylvania) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Cougar Bait Blonde Country Boy Brewing American style blonde ale.  A unique malt and citrus hop, balanced beer with a smooth, easy to drink, full-bodied but not heavy style.  (Kentucky) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Vienna Lager Devils Backbone Brewing Company Devils Backbone Vienna LagerVienna style lager.  Mild, toasted caramel with a sweet tangy creamy finish that’s enjoyable to drink.  (Virginia) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Eight Point IPA Devils Backbone Brewing Company American IPA with intense “west coast style”  hops and aroma.  This beer is what makes IPAs the most popular craft brewed beer with it’s moderate strength and tons of flavor.  (Virginia) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Lucky Buddha Hangzhou Quiandaohu Beer Co. (Cheerday Brewery)  An asian lager that is a fusion of the finest quality malt, hops and rice flakes.  A true Asian lager with lots of flavor and a crisp, clean finish.  ( China) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Kinky Blue Kinky Beverage Company  A malt beverage with a fiercely yum blend of wild berry and tropical flavors ( Pennsylvania). MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Live Southern Tier Brewing Company  Citrusy session Pale Ale.  Hops dominate with sweet malt and a dry finish, a little grapefruit aroma.   Good stuff. (New York) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
2xIPA Southern Tier Brewing Company  Double American Imperial IPA.  Feverishly hoppy with a malty backbone and higher than standard alcohol content.  ( New York) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Where The Helles Summer? Southern Tier Brewing Company Classic German style lager.  A clean and bready ” beer drinker’s beer”, balanced with noble hop varieties.  Very malt forward.  ( New York) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE
Bare Ass Blonde Ale DuClaw Brewing Company Their most popular beer, a blonde ale that is smoothly drinkeable with light malt flavor, mild hop character, and a crisp, refreshing, fruity finish. (New York) MOUNTAIN STATE BEVERAGE